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Casino: Cocktail Uniforms

Your cocktail servers set the tone for your entire casino, and the cocktail server uniform is a main element of this. The glitz and glamour of your casino will be directly reflected by your servers, so getting the right look is key. Some casinos will want a highly provocative cocktail server uniform, while others want a more conservative appearance. We can use one of the styles here, modify or duplicate an existing style, or develop a custom concept for you. Over the last 44 years, we've provided cocktail uniforms to Fortune 500 casinos as well as small neighborhood ones, from restaurant hostesses to gentlemen's clubs and cabarets.

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Style C310
Melanie Dress
Style C917
Jacqueline Dress
Style 5212
Mia Dress
Style C301
Harper Dress
Style 4060
Laura Bustier
Style 4107
4107     Stock Item
Crystal Trim Bustier
Style C308
Emma Blouse
Style 4057
Hayden Bustier
Style 4153
Sienna Bustier
Style 4046
Lapel Bustier
Style C916
Tara Dress
Style 4140
Titania Bustier
Style 4311
Renee Bustier
Style C910
Erin Bustier
Style C309
Allison Top and Skirt
Style C334A
Avery Dress
Style C919
Nancy Dress
Style C312
Molly Dress
Style C313
Ariana Dress
Style 5193
Madison Dress
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