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Casino: Cocktail Uniforms

Our award-winning design team has designed cocktail uniforms for a wide variety of looks, from period pieces to modern chic, from pool-side casual to ultra-sexy. We try to incorporate stretch into our cocktail garments wherever possible, as this greatly improves fit and comfort. As always, if you are looking for something specific and don't see it here, let us know. That's why we're called a custom uniform manufacturer!

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Style C339
Peyton Dress
Style C346
Riley Dress
Style 5171
Mackenzie Dress
Style C345
Lillian Dress
Style C906
Gabrielle Bustier
Style C704
Calpurnia Top
Style 4138
Katherine Top
Style C311
Jasmine Dress
Style C314
Claire Top
Style C323
Autumn Dress
Style C927
Jayme Dress
Style C342
Charlotte Dress
Style 5172
Kaitlyn Dress
Style 5175
Taylor Dress
Style 5192
Emelia Dress
Style C305
Addison Dress
Style C336
Kylie Top and Skirt
Style C805
Pauline Dress
Style C303
Kimberly Dress
Style C903
Cynthia Bustier
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