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Casino: Cocktail Uniforms

We are a full-service manufacturer, so there's no middleman and our prices are very competitive. From design and patterns, making samples, or a production run of tens of thousands of items, we've been doing it all for 43 years.

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Style C803
Chloe Dress
Style C911
Casey Bustier
Style 5178
Abigail Dress
Style 5179
Delaina Dress
Style C940
Jennifer Dress
Style 576
Gina Bustier
Style 4054
Ellen Halter
Style 5177
Bailey Dress
Style 4055
Rosemary Top
Style C947
Sue Dress
Style C524
Sally Bustier
Style C723
Patricia Bustier
Style 777
Samantha Dress
Style C335
Lucy Dress
Style C332
Olivia Dress
Style 5118
Magdalena Dress
Style C913
April Bustier
Style C914
Geraldine Dress
Style C703
Annette Dress
Style C909
Monica Bustier
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