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Casino: Dealer Uniforms

Dealers are right in front of your customers for hours on end. As a result, your dealer uniforms have to be stylish and polished, even at the end of a full day. Although we have made shirts in a variety of different fabrics, we typically recommend either microfiber or our new Vision fabric for dealer shirts. Very different from the polyester of old, microfiber wears beautifully with normal wash and wear and is extremely durable. JFF Uniforms typically stocks 70+ styles and colors of microfiber. Years in development, our Vision fabric is 100% polyester but features anti-microbial and moisture-wicking properties that will keep your employees feeling cool and comfortable. We carry Vision in 10+ color options.

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Style D704
Delhi Shirt
Style D712
Tokyo Shirt
Style D504
Oslo Shirt
Style 3870
Barcelona Shirt
Style D105
Madrid Shirt
Style D701
Jakarta Shirt
Style D314
Cairo Shirt
Style D703
Rio de Janeiro Shirt
Style D130
Santiago Shirt
Style D131
Sydney Shirt
Style D132
Singapore Shirt
Style 3330
Madras Shirt
Style D134
Alexandria Shirt
Style D135
Bangalore Shirt
Style 626
Buenos Aires Shirt
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