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Entertainment: Movies, Television, Amusement Parks and More

As a custom clothing manufacturer, JFF is able to meet the unique needs of entertainment industry costumers and wardrobe supervisors. Crazy schedules, unique garment construction, hard-to-find designs and fabrics, no problem!


For the movie/television industry, the typical issue is extremely short turnaround times and ongoing design changes. We can duplicate an existing garment, modify an existing one for a particular need (e.g. allow for padding for stuntmen), utilize an existing design from other projects, or create an entirely new design. We have produced period garments and futuristic science fiction ones, military, band, and cheerleader uniforms. We've done cowboy, Depression-era, elegant dinner dresses, and many other genres. From tv pilots and shows to Academy Award-winning blockbuster films, we can make your garments within your budget and crazy schedules.

Amusement Parks

We have been providing garmments to some of the most popular amusement parks in the world for over 20 years. From food service and ride operators to character costumes, from basic shirts, blouses and pants to elaborate one-of-a-kind character costumes, our customers consistently keep coming back to us because of our flexibility, quality of construction, and pricing.


JFF has produced custom garments for several advertising agencies and consumer product companies to help their marketing efforts. Examples include the Morganettes of Captain Morgan rum, Camel cigarettes, Heineken beer and others. We've produced garments for spokesmodels as well as for field agents with appropriate branding.