Entertainment: Examples

JFF maintains our own in-house award-winning design team. We can provide any of the styles shown here or design a custom look specifically for you. We maintain an enormous inventory of different fabric types, colors, and textures. Being based in southern California, we also have easy access to the Los Angeles garment district's wholesale fabric market.

Some sample projects to illustrate the wide variety of projects we work on regularly. Use the links below or simply scroll down the page.

Movies/television shows:

This just a small subset of projects. We've worked on movies such as Syriana, The Legend of Zorro, Click, Spiderman 3, Spanglish, World Trade Center, Jarhead, Radio, Poseidon, and many many more.


Master & Commander: We produced more than 8,000 period garments for sailors in the early 1800's.

Glory Road and others: We've produced period athletic uniforms for a variety of movies such as Glory Road.

The OC: We work with a number of television shows for custom garments such as cheerleader outfits for Harbor High School.

Ladykillers: The customer needed a number of period dresses in a multitude of fabrics.

Morganettes: We designed a series of outfits for the Morganettes, spokesmodels for Captain Morgan Rum. Styles include a bustier, pants, dress, bodysuit, skirt, fleece vest, and winter coat.

Aerosmith: The producers came to us with a concept for the album cover, we created a dress to match the concept.

PS3: JFF designed and manufactured futuristic dresses for the Play Station 3 Silver launch

Power Ranger: We made life-sized Power Ranger costumes for in-store promotions.

Cabaret outfit: We produced items based on the customer's sample.

Outkast and USC marching band: We produced the marching band costumes for the USC band backing up Outkast at the Grammy Awards.