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JFF has been providing uniforms for restaurants for more than 25 years. We can provide anything from a basic apron to fine dining uniforms. We fully understand the tough life a restaurant uniform lives, so our garments are designed with that in mind. Whenever possible, we try to use fabrics that don't require drycleaning or even ironing. Most of our restaurant garments come out of the dryer ready to wear!

By working with the manufacturer, we have the flexibility to make whatever you need. We can duplicate an existing style for improved fit and wearability, or we can design a custom concept to match your decor/theme.

For our restaurant chain customers, we can stock your garments in our factory and ship directly to each location. For example, we can provide a website link or a fax order form that you can distribute to your stores. Each store can order as needed, with full visibility to your corporate headquarters. The vast majority of orders are shipped within 48 hours, often the same day as receipt.

Style 515
Diner Dress
Style 5179
Delaina Dress
Style 5177
Bailey Dress
Style C934
Lauren Dress
Style C725
Elsa Top
Style C724
Victoria Top
Style T932
Mandarin Collar Stripe Shirt
Style 7051
Formal Vest (Mens)
Style 7050
Formal Vest (Ladies)
Style T933
Classic Restaurant Vest
Style 3876
London Shirt
Style T936
Microfiber Shirt and Cummerbund Apron
Style 7209
7209     Stock Item
Polk Vest
Style C330
Andrea Blouse