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Style 317

Housekeeping Shirt - McKinley

Style 317

The McKinley provides a clean, elegant look to housekeeping. Covered plackets ensure buttons won't catch and pop off, and wash-and-wear construction means the shirt will look good every single day. Embellishments such as embroidery or badge tabs can of course be added, and the sleeves are available in short, 3/4 sleeve, and long sleeve. Action pleats in the back allow for plenty of range of motion.

  • Customization options:

    JFF is a full-service custom manufacturer. We can change fabric colors, fabric types, trims, etc. with no problem. We also maintain a full design staff to modify existing styles or create a custom concept unique to your location.

    This garment is not a stock item, it is made to order and as a result requires a minimum of 12 pieces per size on all orders. For example, if you would like to order Mediums, your order must be a minimum of 12 Mediums. All goods manufactured by JFF are made in the U.S.